Recipe: Bean and Cheese Sincronizada

Living in Mexico for six months has taught me a lot about food. Mexico is known for cheap, easy, and calorie dense foods. One of my favorites is a spin-off of the quesadilla: the sincronizada. Sincronizadas differ from quesadillas only in the use of two tortillas. Quesadillas sandwich goodies in one folded tortilla while sincronizadas sandwich the goods between two. I prefer to make sincronizadas because it is less work for more food. More food is important to touring cyclists.

The ingredients:


Your imagination is the limit when it comes to filling a quesadilla. I usually select beans and cheese, with a touch of hot sauce for flavor. The cheese is typically queso oaxaca (known as string cheese in the US). This is the cheapest I’ve found for a balanced, calorie-dense meal. It is also very high in protein. If you want, add a slice of tomato.

Other options:

  • mushrooms
  • flor de calabaza (my favorite quesadilla made from the orange flower of squash plants)
  • meat (nearly any kind)

In Oaxaca, Jess substituted home-made chili for the beans earning him a top ten finish for best meals.



For quesadillas, use half the ingredients and fold in half. If the tortilla is stiff, warm until it can be folded without breaking.



Fry on a dry skillet until golden brown and the cheese is melted. Use oil if you want.

The final stage?


Feast till full!!!