Volcan Atitlan: Rain and Pain

For some time now, I’ve been saying I am in a rush to the finish line of this adventure. A race to the long anticipated goal of cycling 8,000 miles from Canada to Panama. Panama has been my mantra for nine months now. This monomaniacal focus leaves little room for extended stays as each day in a place is one further from the finish. This being said, lately, I’ve been spending weeks in beautiful places. “Uno mas” has become a running joke. “One more night!” I say more and more frequently. It just so happens I am “stuck” again at Lago Atitlan feasting earlier than intended. There is a reason I rarely make plans.

I am sad to leave this magical place after knowing so little of its beauty. fortunately or not this is all this trip was every meant to be: a smorgousboard of people and places where I look but rarely taste. This voyage is a teaser to be tasted later in life when I can sit and dine on the finest of sampled cuisines. Lago Atitlan, and its surrounding villages, are a cuisine I will later return to feast.

At the time of last writing I planned to ride with Pedal South to Antigua, another city in Guatemala. We were packed and ready to leave the morning of Saturday March 18th. Our constant need of wi-fi wasted the morning away in a cafe punching keys of computers and tapping tiny screens. Then, Pedal South made their way up the grueling climb out of the volcanic crater that is Lago Atitlan. I made my way to a hostel in town, where another group of cycle tourers where camped, and planned to catch the heavily loaded group the next day. But, I never left. I was invited to climb a volcano. Continue reading