Update: Appalachian Trail Completion, New Website, And The Next Adventure

It has been quite a while since I’ve posted but, I have a good reason. I was living in the woods. I was also working on a new project that showcases my photography and my travels. The website is also the new home of this blog. Check it out: http://www.kodakbrown.com


A quick update:

I summited Mount Katahdin on the 22nd of October, basically the last day possible. Hikers still summited the next day in sketchy conditions. They came off the mountain with minor frostbite. I rented a car and drove to NYC where I took a Megabus into Pittsburgh.

Two weeks flew by with me unable to sit still. I wasn’t ready to be done; to settle into civilized society. I loaded my bike and went camping. I slept on the couches of friends and family. Then, I spent a week+ riding to and from Harpers Ferry with a friend from the Appalachian Trail. I was ready to be comfortable after snow in the mountains forced me to call for a lift. When my dad picked me up, the temperature was 26 degrees and falling. Two inches of snow were already on the ground and more was falling.

I have been working on my photography portfolio and website since returning. I am working side jobs and selling everything I can. On December 30th, 2016, I take a train to San Diego, Ca and ride the Baja Divide, a 1,700 mile off-road route to Cabo San Lucas.