Volcan Acatenango: Above the Clouds



Two seasons have passed since since my tour came to an explosive end from a parasite invading my body┬áthe day after these photos were taken. I’m currently in Maryland just outside of Baltimore spending time with my great Aunt and Uncle. Soon, I resume my travels on a bike. I’ll go into more details later after I catch up on the final month of my trip.


On April 21st, 2015 while staying in a hostel in Antigua, Guatemala, I had the opportunity to climb Volcan Acatanango. At 13,045ft (3976m), the volcano is the highest in Guatemala and the third highest in Central America. The experience was one of the greatest moments of my life; standing on the windswept peak of an active volcano watching the sun rise through a sea of clouds parted only by peaks of other volcanoes; the sun painting the sky with a vibrance only a skilled painter could capture. Even the pictures pail in comparison, though, they will forever serve as a wonderful reminder of this epic day. Continue reading