Panajachel To Antigua

It is 5am in San Marcos, Guatemala and my phone is screaming for me to wake. Today Rio and I leave the lake behind. I said goodbye to friends at Merlin’s intending to leave last night. While waiting at the docks, I learned from some boys that I had missed the last boat to Panajachel. The boys, young and inquisitive, questioned my crazy bike. I answered to the best of my ability while we played. Sitting on the top tube, I pushed them in turns along the dock hoping against a catastrophe like my bike plummeting to the depths of the clear water.


Like every place I have left after extended stays, my emotions are mixed. I am sad to say goodbye to the friends I have made. I’m tired of goodbye and becoming numb to the pain. However, the pain is almost welcome as it signifies the intense connections transcending the bounds of ordinary, home-based interactions. Living the lifestyle we have chosen creates immediate commonalities leading bonds akin to siblings. Often, these bonds are outside those we would normally choose allowing for personal growth and understanding. We only grow when challenged.

While I am sad to say goodbye, my primary emotion is excitement for the continuation of the journey. After prolonged periods in a place I become complacent as I slip into the comfort of routine. I travel to break free from comfort zones and, as such, must keep moving. Complacency is broken upon the commencement of the packing process and lasts until the next destination where I settle in and relax. Continue reading