Day 34: Making Miles and Blazes

Appalachian Trail: Day #34

Shelton Gravesite –> Bald Mountain Shelter: 21.7 miles

Total AT Miles: 325.3

(Current Whereabouts: Pearisburg, VA @ Mile 634.6)

Yesterdays funk cleared making today all about the miles. I hike fast but still stop for photos and to meet new folks.

I met Breezy at the Shelton Graves campsite. She began hiking Sobo (southbound) last year and had to get off trail for a while due to fractured feet. Ouch!

The trail crosses this road and climbs the stairs over the barbed wire fence.

Messages from the trail.

I found this bag hanging in a tree. Trail magic oreos!!!
Making a white blaze!
A trail maintenance crew.

The trail crew behind the oreo magic. Thanks guys!

The Appalachian Trail winding through the countryside.


Dr. Kool-Aid left me a note so I’d know where they were headed. I love trail notes!

Signs on shelters direct us to water and privies; the only things we need in life!

The trail crosses the road next to the Tennessee welcome center then heads back into the woods. Welcome to Tennessee! We’ve been walking it’s border with North Carolina for a while now.

I run into Dr. Kool-Aid again up on the hill. What’s up buddy! Long time no see.

We see this shack down a muddy road. Curiosity draws us closer and we take some photos. After walking back up the hill, and sitting to catch our breath, we ponder what we were thinking…


Views and poo?! I’m not sure of my obsession with poo photos… maybe someone can tell me what it is.


Walking up Big Bald on a cloudy, threatening day.


Thankfully, the weather is kind once more and we only deal with occasional bouts of drizzle.


The trail winds off Big Bald and through the odd shaped bald below.

Blazes on posts.
Clouds cowering in the sky. Can clouds cower?! For alliterations sake, eh?


We arrive at the shelter at dark and I sleep like someone who hiked 22 miles!


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