Day 32: Two Paths Diverged in a wood. I chose the one more trodden.

Appalachian Trail: Day #32

Spring Mountain Shelter –> Jerry Cabin Shelter: 15.4 miles

Total AT Miles: 300.1

(I made the cover of my own blog! There’s a first.)

We wake in the cold with the ground coated in a dusting of icy snow. We walk into the shelter bundled in all of our clothes and we cook a hearty breakfast that should see us through till lunch.

It is hard to leave when your hands are too numb to pack your bag, but we somehow manage. We pass another trail-magic cooler, this one empty as well. Our luck has not been good on the coolers. Then again, it’s the early bird that gets the worm and we are far from early birds.


Thankfully, the sun arrives in time for lunch. We eat. Then, still bundled in everything we own, we lay down in the sun for a nap.


We hike on refreshed and rejuvenated. The guidebook mentioned a view.

What we found was an exposed ridge-line making us feel we walked the edge of the Earth.


The trail presented us with a choice: The AT or a bad-weather blue-blazed trail. This time when two paths diverged in a wood, we chose the one more trodden.


The trail is certainly treacherous here. One wrong step and you’re falling a very long way.

Dr. Kool-Aid and myself stop for some fun with photography, staging our own little photo shoot.





The trail continues along the rocky ridgeline.

Sometimes climbing straight down.


Dr. Kool-Aid and I hike on into the sunset, arriving at the Jerry Cabin Shelter with just enough light to set up our tents. We fire up our stoves in the dark, both of us starving. I opt for mac n’ cheese. My go-to. Then we crash, exhausted from a long (for us) day.





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