Day 26: Max Patch and a Special Sunset

Appalachian Trail: Day #26

Painter Branch Campsite –> Max Patch Summit: 11.2 miles

Total AT miles: 253.9

Sure, we could hike more miles. Many people do. But miles mean rushing and rushing means missing special opportunities like a sunset and sunrise camped atop Max Patch. I’m so thankful for my trail family who enjoys a slower pace soaking in these special moments.

Breakfast! Whole grain oatmeal with nuts, seeds, peanut butter, and nuttella. None of that instant crap for me!
Earl Gray rebuilding the fire to warm up before leaving camp. Love the decorations here.
Dr. Kool-Aid reaching the top of a bald.


Gotta love the privies!
Fire pits are NOT garbage cans. Pack out your trash folks.
Pack out what you find too.


Trail Magic!!!!
Chile, burgers, and dogs. I was late and missed the rest of the food but he made the chile for us slow pokes.
Mountain Goat trimming the toe nails. Reality creeping into to life on the trail…
A note for Susan.

Max Patch. We arrived here earlier in the day and decided to camp. The weather was perfect and the view to spectacular to pass up.

My silhouette taken by Mountain Goat.
Getting comfy for sunset.


After-glow of sunset atop Max Patch. I’ll definitely be returning to this very special place.



6 thoughts on “Day 26: Max Patch and a Special Sunset

  1. I love the smiles, being invited to witness your adventure, the photography is amazing and I greatly appreciate your calling out of the bad behavior on the trail… When no one shines a light on the carelessness or lack of respect, the behavior is encouraged.

    Hike the good hike!

    • Your right. I wish more people out here felt empowered enough to point out bad behavior. If you see something say something! And not just to your friends behind the persons back! Preach over. Thanks Frank! Happy trails.

  2. Wow Ryan, the pictures keep getting better and better. It is so great to hear and see you are having so much fun. Let me know if you need anything. Love, MOM

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