Day 25: Davenport Gap Shelter to Painter Branch Campsite

Appalachian Trail: Day #25

Davenport Gap Shelter –> Painter Branch Campsite: 5.7 miles

Total AT miles: 242.7

Today was a bit of a lazy day.  Six full days in the Smokies left our food bags pretty light and our stomachs even lighter. We walked out of the National Park and into Standing Bear hostel.

We stuffed our faces till our stomachs bursted. We bought enough food to see us to Hot Springs. Food was expensive here and much of it expired. We bought the bare minimum. We lounged in the sun and napped on benches, but we did not stay. The place has a reputation for partying and is a bit expensive. We saved money and walked a couple miles into the woods.

Mountain Goat, My Shadow, and Dr. Kool-Aid cuddling in front of the Davenport Gap Shelter
Mountain Goats feet were hurting in her boots so she’s been hiking in her camp shoes. Occasionally barefoot as well…

Leaves are beginning to pop! Soon, we’ll be a walkin in the green tunnel, the nickname of the Appalachian Trail.

I wonder how many hikers asked about beer before they posted the sign…
Mountain Goat and I showered under this small waterfall. The water was freezing but oh so refreshing!

The AT follows the road for a few hundred feet. I love seeing those white blazes on things other than trees!

Dogwoods in bloom.
This mailbox houses snacks for hikers! #TrailMagic

We came out of the Smokies and stopped in Standing Bear Hostel to relax and resupply.

We were ravenously hungry when we arrived. We ate a pizza each plus burgers and snacks.

That AT line is REALLY long…


“Welcome to Standing Bear . Everyone ’round these parts call meh Lumpy. Drop your packs there and I’ll give y’all the rest of the nickel tour.”

The tree house at Standing Bear is open for reservations.
Walking back down the road to the AT.
Go back to Standing Bear!
The nights campground.
Tents: My Shadows’s, Finches, and mine in the way back.




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