Day 23: Icewater Spring Shelter to TriCorner Nob Shelter

Day #23

Icewater Spring Shelter –> Tri Corner Knob Shelter

12.1 Miles

222.2 Total AT Miles

Kodak here signing in from Damascus, Virginia 54 days, and 469 miles, into an Appalachian Trail thru-hike. The blog has fallen a bit behind, but I’m working to bring it up to date if the wifi here will cooperate. It’s spotty though I think it’ll do.

I arrived here two days ago and have been really out of sorts. I was lacking sleep, a condition caused by my stubborn refusal to use inflatable sleeping pads. Until last night that is. I finally caved trading my precious foam mat for an inflatable.

Weeks waking under-slept and stiff led to the decision. I spent thirty minutes yesterday laying on different mats on the floor of an outfitter before deciding on a Sea to Summit Ultra light mat.

Feeling exhausted from the previous nights toss-and-turn, I blew up the mat here at Woodchucks hostel and napped on a wooden bench. I woke feeling refreshed though still tired. I guess I’ve been sleeping worse than I thought!

Sleep was never a problem when pushing big miles. If your tired enough, you’ll sleep anywhere and on anything. The issue is: I haven’t been pushing big miles. Not even close! Our group enjoys a slow pace soaking in as many special moments as we can muster.

Anyway, I slept really well last night. I’ll need another night or two before I’m finally caught up, but a good nights sleep makes all the difference. I cannot wait for another.

The next ten posts or so will be mainly photographs. I began journaling again after Hot Springs so written words will resume shortly.

Brewing coffee in the vestibule of my tent on a chilly morning in the Smokies.
Dr. Kool-Aid, Shaggy, Bambi, Moonboots, (i forget! Sorry), and Owl kneeling in the front.
Dr. Kool-Aid packing up his tent in the wind. It rained in the night and was so windy I was almost worried. I staked out my tent at every possible point though so I didn’t have any issues. Henry Shires at TarpTent added extra guy-out points around the perimeter of my tent allowing for a total of 8.
A cloudy and windy day in the Smokies.
My Shadow and Dr. Kool-Aid on a blue-blazed trail to an overlook. Heeeyyy!!!
My Shadow and Dr. Kool-Aid celebrating the beauty of the mountains.


Rocks and moss line the trail.
A light rain makes the greens and grey glisten and glow.
Rocky trails are easy walking allowing water to drain.
The Smokies have been my favorite section thus far.
An overlook along an exposed ridge. Luckily, the weather is holding. Thunderstorms are forecast.
Fallen trees are everywhere here. Rocky soil and shallow-rooted evergreens are easily pushed over in the wind.
The aftermath of an old landslide.
Dr. Kool-Aid and My Shadow dressed for the dreary day. It hasn’t dampened our spirits however!


Dr. Kool-Aid removes his jacket in the warm shelter and begins to steam. We all are as our damp clothes begin to dry.
Wet packs hanging from the shelter wall.
Handicap accessible toilets?!
Shaggy in front of Tri Corner knob shelter. I thought they would be long gone, but they took refuge here from the rain.








2 thoughts on “Day 23: Icewater Spring Shelter to TriCorner Nob Shelter

    • Thanks Hikeminded! The photo is actually of another hiker, 19 year-old “Shaggy” from Florida. But, I am very relaxed. Life is good on the AT. Most of the time anyway!

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