Quick update

Hey everyone,

I’m sitting at Watauga Lake right now just outside of Hampton, Tennessee. Wifi has been difficult of late, but I have a bunch of posts prepped for Damascus, VA where I should be in three days time.

We arrived at the lake here two days ago to find trail magic: burgers and dogs, beer and pop, and all the snacks we could eat.

With full bellies, we laid around swimming the day away then hiked .4 miles back up the mountain to a campsite.

Yesterday, we zeroed at the lake taking time waiting on Dr. Kool-aid who is spending a few days with his sister.

Last night, we cowboy camped at the lake stuffing our food in one of the bear-proof trash containers that one of the girls cleaned out.

Now, it’s 2pm and and we’re getting set to make a few miles before dark. We have to go at least 9 due to the Watauga Lake shelter being closed because of a problem bear. He’s smart and likes robbing hikers.

In 40 some miles we cross the Virginia border! Three states down… eleven to go! See y’all in Damascus in a few days. Happy trails!


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