Day 22: Double Spring Gap Shelter to Iceboater Spring Shelter

Day #22

Double Spring Gap Shelter –> Icewater Spring Shelter

13.4 miles

210.1 Total AT miles

A quick update while I hike from Erwin to Hampton. In six more days, I’ll hopefully have a solid wifi connection to upload some posts. The wifi here at Uncle Johnnies is almost unusable.

Mountain Goat and My Shadow doing their morning workout. Sit-ups, pushups, and planks. Thought hiking would be enough??! Never!
A beautiful privy in the Smokey mountains. They are actually handicap accessible. Usually. This one just need a ramp but it has the rails.
A group gathers around Dr. Kool-Aid inquiring about our thru-hike.
Dr. Kool-Aid answering questions for the circle of day hikers. What do you eat? Where do you sleep? Why?!? How?!?
Golden boy dipping a loli pop into a tub of grape jelly. Only on the AT!
If you  have to ask you may not want to know! An aluminum shovel, a hole, and toilet paper…
A note from Cool Dad. They are  hiking much faster than us. We like to lay around and lounge in the sun and just hang out. We are out here living. Last one to Katahdin wins!
Crossing a split-log bridge. Imagine this in bad weather.
There are SOO many uprooted trees here in the Smokies. Hopefully, we don’t get caught in this kind of storm.
Passage over a barbed wire fence.
Whooo!!! We’ve been walking the border of Tennessee and North Carolina for a while. Feels good to see the proof though!
Adventure Girl stopped us as we walked up the trail for some trail magic. Oranges, water, cucumber, and $20! Thanks Adventure Girl!
Mountain Goat modeling one of the mandarins.

2 thoughts on “Day 22: Double Spring Gap Shelter to Iceboater Spring Shelter

  1. Kodak- met you on the Trail yesterday (Saturday, 4/16) in Erwin area between Beauty Spot & Unaka Mtn. Gave me your blog address on a scrap of paper. Been following. Hope all is well. Happy Trails.

  2. I’m following your hike while cycling to Patagonia. In Guatemala at Maya Pedal right now. Thanks for the hiking inspiration. Someday after this adventure I’ll be on a thruhike. We’re also taking our time with the ride. Last one to Ushuaia wins!

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