Day 19:

Day #19

Fontana Hilton Shelter –> Russell Field Shelter

14.5 miles

180.4 Total AT miles

We managed to tear ourselves away from the comforts of the Hilton and hit the trail after another shower. I can’t say enough how much I enjoy a hot shower. I just can’t take enough of them.

Mr. Kool-Aid is a bit slow in the morning (understatement! Sorry dude 🙂 so Cool Dad, Savage, and Canuck hit the trail before us with the intentions of meeting up at the Russell Field Shelter. It did not happen.

Mr. Kool-Aid and I take our time and enjoy every single second we can. We stood and watched a family of deer with one of the yearlings walking within a few feet of us. We climbed a fire-tower and made coffee at it’s base with a group of girls we met in town. It felt a bit like running a Starbucks with Mr. Kool-Aid boiling water while I ran the drip. Ahh, nothing like fresh coffee to bring people together.

We hiked with the girls then pushed past the shelter they stayed at to meet up with our friends but didn’t find them there. They kept going past the planned stop and it was way too late for us to catch up. Oh well.



No Noro! has become our saying. It is so common the news was in town running a story on it. Wish us luck…



Mountain Goat, My Shadow, and Finch atop a fire tower.
Flower buds poking through the structure of the tower.
Group coffee time!
Mountain Goat writing down her email address.
Mr. Kool-Aid working out a knot in his back. Painful.



One thought on “Day 19:

  1. tales of wandering: thanks for sharing your photos and stories, you’ve allowed me to see photos and hear stories about my daughter mountain goat, I love knowing that you are all so supportive of each other and are having the greatest of adventures, Bron

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