Day 15: Gassy Giveaway

Day #15

Wesser Bald Shelter –> Sassafras Gap Shelter

12.6 miles

144 Total AT miles

Mr. Kool-Aid and Canuck wake at 6:30am to walk to the tower for sunrise. I wake but decide to stay in bed. I’m still sick with a cough I’ve had since a trip to NYC with mi Grande Tio and Tia.

Rachel and Lorne stop down asking if we would like some apricots and prunes. Apparently, they give Lorne some god awful gas and he’s not allowed to have anymore. I guess that’s one way to hot-box a tent…

We pack up and head down the mountain to the NOC, the Nantahala Outdoor Center. They are located on the river and offer whitewater rafting and kayaking. For the thru-hikers, they have food. Hot food and real. We split a bbq bacon, onion, and something pizza. SOO good.

The pizza fuels us up the mountain to the Sassafrass Gap Shelter. The place is super crowded. A day hiker told me I was the hundredth that she saw. That was at 3pm! Looks like we are coming up to the next bubble…

Cool Dad and Mr. Kool-Aid taking over breakfast.
“Do you guys want some apricots? He can’t eat anymore. They give him the WORST kind of gas.”
More mountain views.
The AT can be as much climbing as hiking. If Ida know, I’d ‘a brought my climbing shoes!
The NOC.
Bridge across the river at the NOC.
Packs stacked outside the restaurant while we go in a and eat.
Photo Bomb!
Cool Dad exploring the hiker bin in the Outfitters.
Trail magic?!
Someone’s TarpTent Double Rainbow outisde the shelter.
Full shelter tonight!

One thought on “Day 15: Gassy Giveaway

  1. Thanks for the updates, tell canuck his dad and family are following your exploits. it looks like quite an adventure all of you have taken upon yourselves. Keep up the great work.

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