Day #9: Sassafras Gap to Plumorchard Gap Shelter

Day #9

Sassafras Gap –> Plumorchard Gap Shelter

10.8 miles

74.1 Total AT miles

I like to sleep in, especially when it’s cold. This morning, it was cold. I laid in my tent till nearly 9am, rolled over, unzipped my tent, and brewed a cup of coffee. The other guys were long gone when Savage rolled up.

Savage hiding behind a tree out of the blazing morning sun that finally roused me from my tent.
Walking through tunnels of Rhododendron with Savage



Bambi flavoring his water.

Tonight, Bambi gets his new name: Medicine Man. Named for the medicine he carries to get him through.

Planning the route ahead.
Yep, lots of ups and downs!

These guys plan. Me, I just like to go. Fill up my food and walk. Bike touring habits…

Shagginess SPOT tracking device. It tracks his positions on a map every 30 minutes.
Shaggies shoes.
The Time Travelers use orange flagging ribbon on the shelter/campsite post they stay in so the rest of the crew knows to stop. Shaggy cuts neon cordage for us to do the same.
Medicine Man, formerly known as Bambi, trimming his finger nails. Just like normal life!
Two packets of Mac ‘n cheese is too much for Shaggy. He packs the rest out after an unsuccessful attempt at burrying it.

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