Day #6: Cold Rain to Steamy Whirlpool

Day #6:  3/14/2016

Low Gap Shelter —> Unicoi Gap

9.7 Miles

Total AT miles: 52.9

Whooosh! Another car speeds past our outstretched thumbs. At least this driver acknowledged us. Canuck’s done a bit of hitchhiking through Canada and says her gesture, pointing down the road, means she’s only headed one exit up. I’m getting frustrated and I keep stepping in a puddle behind me.

“Don’t worry,” he says. “Hitchhiking’s a numbers game. It only takes one good one.” I’m not worried. I want my bicycle so I could just ride the eleven miles. Splash. I stepped in the puddle again! Dammit!!! AHHH!!!!

Another car whooshes past leaving behind a trail of mist. Our heads snap backwards to see if they stop. They don’t. Again and again. I’m going crazy. I’m cold and wet. Bounce to stay warm. Watch the puddle. They’re stopping! They’ve stopped!!!

We take off running forgetting the feeling of rejection each passing car dug into our hearts. Canuck jumps in the front seat. Owl and I sit in the back with the circular saw, packs on our laps. Erin delivers us drooled at the Holiday Inn in Hiawassee where Moonboots, Bambi, and Shaggy have a room.


Canuck and me making our second cup of coffee of the day. We're taking it easy.

Our packs standing at attention.

Rains coming!

Traversing moss covered rock slides. Watch your footing!

Canuck's food bag with a hole chewed through it. Everyone was worried about us getting eating by bears. It's the mice you have to watch out for!

Blue Mountain Shelter just after a rainstorm. We made it to the shelter just in time. Luckily, it did not last long.

Canuck, Owl, and me hitchhiking in the wind and rain.

Moonboots, Bambi, Shaggy and me in the hot tub at the holiday Inn here in Hiawassee, Georgia. Does a sore body some good! We must have been in there an hour. Maybe longer.

Burger time! Tough choice when your hungry.

Caution! Thru-hikers in town. They'll eat all your food and leave your sink with a film of dirty sock.
The dirty sock bandit. Soaking in a sink near you...
Come on now guys. That's just gross. 😉
Thanks for the burger Bambi!

2 thoughts on “Day #6: Cold Rain to Steamy Whirlpool

  1. What the heck is this,HOT TUBS,your suppose to be soaking in a nice cold mountain spring. No legitimate hiker would be caught in a hot tub.
    Keep up the reports I enjoy reading them.

  2. Ryan,
    He is fast, you said to the girl on her way to Hiawassee Ga.
    It is a pleasure to have met you and your friend. I’m glad you gave me your blog. I will be following you as you continue on your journey.
    I will keep you and your friends in my prayers.
    Nature is great but never forget who put it all together and created using to enjoy it.
    John 3:16.

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