A Day in the Life: Camped on an Island

This entry is a compilation of journal entries.

Today was a lazy day. I woke at sunrise and spent the morning reading. I spent the entire day reading actually. All day aside from a few breaks for chores such as washing a rubbermaid bin full of dishes in the channel and cooking eggs with Rio for lunch.




Washing dishes in the ocean was almost fun. The tide was coming in as Rio and I stood in the sand below the rocks. Waves would head into the rocks threatening to carry away all our dishes. They threatened to soak my pants containing my passport and notebook. I do not want to loose another notebook.

Anyway, we pulled dishes from the container and rubbed them with sand to scour away remaining food. Sand works wonders for cleaning, although, it does not remove grease leaving our dishes a little slimy. Once clean, we rinsed the dishes in the oncoming waves and placed them in a separate bucket to be hauled up the surf-breaking boulders when our task was completed. There were many dishes to wash from the birthday celebration two nights before.


In the afternoon, Gabo and Mierco returned from the surf hostel where they slept last night after being released from the hospital. The doctor opened and cleaned Mierco’s wound, shot him in the butt with pain meds and prescribed an antibiotic. For wound care, he is to flush and clean the thumb with agua pura (here in Guatemala, even soda is called aqua. You must specify pure water) as the tap water contains too much bacteria. Everything here is coated with staff and other maleficent bugs.

Gabo’s knee was swollen. The doctors said he has an infection as well. This place is crazy dirty crawling with bugs begging to take us out. I am not sure of his treatment plan. I assume antibiotics as well.



Wildlife on this beach is rather interesting both wild and domestic. Iguanas headline for the wild creeping into the sand looking for morsels of food abandoned by human or tide. The largest I have seen was three foot in length from head to tail. He ate what looked to be a piece of mango and ran for cover in the rocks of the channel when I stood to snap a photo. There are a variety of bird the most common a black bird with sharp-pointed beak. Another, similar in all aspects though brown aside from the wings. There are hermit crabs that crawl in piles of pebbles and there are sand crabs and a more water-looking crab and snails that make a nightly appearance on the rocks. The Italians often collect and eat them.


As for insects, tiny beetles scour the beech at night cleaning it of any morsels of food. They seem to roll balls of sand. Why? I know not. They are many. Mosquitos are often here in force though only occasionally are they bad enough to require deet. I’ve certainly encountered worse. Then, there are the flies and other variety of flying insect.

There are many domestic animals here as well. There are dogs, including the white terrier belonging to Marianna and who is currently in the country illegally. She sneaks him across borders. There are chickens and baby chicks. No where in latin america are there people without chickens nearby. More interesting is one boys pet raccoon. It is one year old and drives the dogs mad.



The beach here is strew with litter. Some washed in with the tides. Much left behind by visitors. Latin America is filled with trash. There are two large piles on the beach as well.





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