Guatemala And An Interesting New Friend

Five days ago I left Comitan headed for the Guatemalan border. I did not make my destination. A truck pull over in front of me. A man wearing purple dress-shirt exited the vehicle with a women and child. I was invited me to eat across the road in a pavilion on a farm. After eating, I spent three nights with the family. One night I slept in the house of one of his espousas. The next I slept in a very comfortable bed at his father’s ranch spanning hundreds of hectares. I spent the last night attempting to sleep with the family in one of his trucks in Comitan, an hour away. The experience was, for the most part, enjoyable. I was treated very well, met the entire family, and was fed me more than I could eat. I have a new and interesting friend outside the bounds of normal life. I can say no more.

man holding tortilla with holes in front of face

My new friend.

man with curly hair eating iguana

Here, I am eating a chunk of iguana; chewy and savory.

Signatures on car door

He signed my flag, I signed his truck.

lago de colon

I was taken to Lago de Colon, a crystal clear series of lakes where we bathed in the cool water.

Gautemalan mountains behind farm fields

The mountains in the background are in Guatemala.

Road leading through farm field of corn

The road to the pavillion where I first ate with him.

touring cyclist crossing guatemala border

After leaving him and his family, I met a group of cyclists. I’ve never been so happy in all my life. The relief I felt brought tears to my eyes.

welcome to guatemala

With the group I crossed the border entering Guatemala. The next chapter begins: Central America.

Bienvenidos Guatemala


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