San Cristobal to Comitan

Welcome to Guatemala! I crossed the border yesterday with one day left on my visa. I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop typing away along with three other touring cyclists. Company! Whoo!!! This post contains photos from San Cristobal to a city off the Gringo Trail, Comitan. I like this city much more than San Cristobal as it lacked herds of tourists hogging the streets. It’s also a little smaller. I like small cities.

Tomorrow, I’ll post photos of the border crossing and a few from a family that randomly invited me to stay. I can’t tell the entire story, but it was one hell of an adventure with a kind and caring family that made me feel at home. Ironic as well considering the topics of my last post: accepting invitations and the adventures that ensue, fear versus excitement. I have a much better understanding of fear.

Road sign leaving San Cristobal

Hearts United for San Cristobal!

Road sign stating kilomers to Ocosingo and Comitan

80 kilometers remaining to my next stop in Comitan

Wooden shack with fence and bare dirt farm field

The landscape changed drastically from the plains below the mountain. Here pine forests abound and the people work the land.

Road map of Central America displaying San Cristobal to Guatemala border

San Cristobal to Comitan. Guatemala in a few more days.

Road view leaving San Cristobal with pine forest

In the mountains of this part of Chiapas are pine forest and the first large trees I’ve seen in a very long time. Every area of Mexico has its own artisans. In this part, people work with wood. The road is lined with furniture made from pine: Beds, tables, chairs, and coat racks along with anything else you could want. A wooden lamp perhaps?

Road curves to the right in the mountains of Chiapas

The road twists and winds along the top of a ridge.

View from the top of a mountain in Chiapas

And presents stunning views.

Clock tower in Pueblo before Comitan

Cities are quaint situated with a backdrop of mountains.

tacos on a purple table cloth with images of fruit

2 o’clock. Lunchtime! An interesting statistic would be number of tacos eaten. It’s in the hundreds…

Lolly Pop tree in forground of photo with small village behind in Chiapas

Small communities make a living with a chainsaw. I saw two guys each with a chainsaw strapped to the back of a bike. Jus like me!

Welcome sign to the city of Comitan in Chiapas Mexico

Welcome to Comitan, my home for the night.

Pad Lock on a hotel door in mexico with key hanging

My first order of business, find a place to sleep. This hotel room cost less than $7. This is how you lock the door for the night. When you leave during the day, the lock goes on the outside.

Comitan sign set in Block in zocolo of Comitan in Chiapas Mexico

My bike locked away where I will sleep, I explored the city. Comitan is beautiful. Smaller than San Cristobal with a population of 112,000 (opposed to SC with 180,000) and with almost no tourism, I enjoyed the city much more than San Cristobal. A major reason for my preference is lack of people in your face trying to sell you things. Here, I was free to wander unmolested experiencing the way of life here.

Church at night in Comitan Mexico

A church forming one end of the central square.

Centro Cultural Rosario Castellanos Church in Comitan Chiapas

Same church, different angle.

Municipal Buiding in Comitan

This municipal building formed another wall. The other two walls were made of storefronts.

Gezebo in cenral park of Comitan

A gazebos in the center of the square.

Snake like sculpture in park of Comitan chiapas Mexico

Odd sculpture. What is it? A rat’s tail?

Sculpture of a face full of holes in Comitan

A man missing part of his face.

Tree illuminated in green light in park in Comitan in Chiapas Mexico

And, more glowing trees.

Sign in Comitan park saying Comitan limpio es Magico

Keep the city clean. Clean is magic.

Sign above a store in Comitan reading The country sprint women

A store sign in English.

Conquistador Cafe & The Comitan Chiapas Store sign

Flags leading to a church in comitan

Another church. Mexico is full of them and they are all epic and beautiful.

Sculture of a man playing violin in front of church

A sculpture in front of the church of men playing instruments.

Tall man standing between two young Mexicans a man and a women

I ate in a burger joint. I’ve been a burger kick lately eating them daily. These two invited me to eat with them. They did not speak english but we had fun interacting anyway. It’s interesting how little words matter and what you can express without them.


3 thoughts on “San Cristobal to Comitan

  1. Your writing is terrific as is your photography as are you!
    Vaya con Dios,
    Tio Guillermo y Tia Juana

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