WhatsApp Explained

A few days ago, after downloading the app, I allowed it to post a link to this blog. The link was not very helpful.

Anyway, thanks to an eccentric Frenchman, I am now the proud owner of a Mexican sim card. This means I have a local phone number and unlimited use of WhatsApp and Facebook. This means that for as long as I am in Mexico – and in cell coverage – I can be reached “instantly” on my new phone number. The catch is you must use WhatsApp or Facebook.

So, without further adieu, I present to you my Mexican phone number!!! 33 1062 7209

I’ll leave it to you to figure out all the intricacies of country codes and dialing outside of the U.S. as, quite frankly, I just don’t have the time or desire.

A quick google search revealed this however:

  1. Enter US exit number 011
  2. Enter country code for Mex 52
  3. Enter 1 if calling a cellular number
  4. Enter my number

Crazy complicated I know. Sorry if instructions are bad. I’ll receive your messages if it works!

Using the apps this may very well be useless information. Good Luck!


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