Happy Holidays!

To old friends and original family; to new friends and adopted families; to all those I’ve met along the way and those I have yet to meet; I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy new year. I’m sorry this message arrives so late. Life on the road… shit happens. Often explosively. Sometimes unexpectedly. Thank goodness for showers.

I missed you all during the holidays, but not to worry. I was here in Mexico City with a friend. Felix, who I pedaled Baja with, met me here for Christmas. It was really nice spending this day with such a good friend. Thanks Felix. Good to see you again! We didn’t really do too much. We caught up on all the chaos of our two months apart. And then we partied 🙂

We did manage some sightseeing. The day after Christmas Felix, an Australian, two Brazilians, and myself set off on a mini-adventure to the ancient pyramids of Teotihuacan. This time in a car. Traveling is so interesting. You never really know what to expect. Hiking trips, road trips on motorbikes, road trips in cars.


The pyramid of the sun is the third largest in the world. An interesting fact: the Great Pyramid of Giza in Eqypt is not the largest pyramid in the world. There is a larger pyramid here in Mexico that happens to have a Spanish church built on top.


Our roadtrip group. We rented a Nissan truck (the rental agency gave our car away) and hit the road. The trip was more fun than educational.


Human sacrifice?


Missed you Felix!


Ever see a photo of someone sitting on top of a pyramid? This is what that photo looks like from a different angle…


Here is another one!


Did I mention more fun than educational?


What else do you do atop a massive pyramid? Wrong pyramid…


Long lines? Not if you take the shortcut!




Teotihuacan is a place everyone should visit. It is obviously very touristic, but worth the hassle. Just have fun with it. Take as many stupid selfies as possible and mix it up! This site was built by people 2,000 years ago. That is impressive.

Unfortunately, too much fun can be a bad thing. For the last three or so days, I’ve lost some time in my delerium, I’ve been bedridden with a stomach bug. My new years consisted of a bed, many blankets, a toillet, and movies. . Stomach pain is the worst!

Actually, I kind of enjoyed my new years. Today I feel much better while everyone else wanders around hungover and miserable. The sweetest highs come only after the lowest lows. Today I have eaten for the first time in days. I’m still not 100% and won’t be biking anywhere for a while, but maybe, just maybe I’ll have the chance to explore this city a bit.

Hope your holidays were happy. Can’t wait to see you all again!

P.S. I just ate more food!!! Soo good! I cooked potatoes with onions and garlic (lots of garlic = medicine) Argentina cooked the pasta with salsa and tuna. Feast! I’ve never been so excited to eat in my life. Days without food… ughhh.


3 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!

  1. Ryan, your adventure never ceases to amaze me. Blog after blog, I just read evey word with a huge smile on my face. Im sooo glad you are feeling better! Your blog has made a bunch of my patients at the nursing home very happy and has given them something to think about and also smile about too.

  2. You were very much missed over the Holidays. Glad your having a good time. Also your getting a lot of new followers that enjoy your posts , so keep on blogging.

  3. Missed you Ryan! We had a house full again for Christmas Eve had a great time, Wish you and Eric was there but glad you are having a wonderful time. Your blog is so interesting start that book! Have many at the Moose following your blog as well. take care and be safe. Love you! Aunt Carla

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