Zacatecas to San Luis Potosi

I lived in a two hundred year old house turned hostel in the city of Zacatecas. I lived there for over a week. And I fell in love. Walking through the streets I experienced the best of Mexico and it’s people. The city has a wonderful energy. It rejuvenated my spirits.

The atmosphere of the hostel was also warm and friendly. I felt like I was visiting family. Capable of housing 200 hundred people, the building is so large I was always discovering something new. It also had the most incredible rooftop deck with a front row view of the cathedral. The overall view was just as special.

Walking these streets was special.


I will miss them.


Bicycle parking on the second floor.


The view of the cathedral from the roof of the hostel.


And the view of the surrounding city.


Ice skating in Mexico. Who would have thought.


Incredible architecture everwhere.


And hold-overs from times long ago. This man was selling some kind of drink I was not brave enough to try.


I chose an enchilada.


It was delicious.


New friends and inspirations.NewDSCF8599

The world is small. May we meet again.


Leaving Zacatecas was as easy as leaving anywhere. In the morning I donned my costume and rode out the front door for the city of San Luis Potosi.

I traversed the 200kms in two days facing strong headwinds.

My tent broke. The zipper ripped out of one of the doors. I need to find a seamstress in Mexico city to sew it shut. Luckily, there are two doors so this will not be a problem.


Large shoulders make large trucks feel more comfortable. They even help pull you along with a large suck of wind as they pass.


A quick nap in this soft grass left me ready to enter the city.


Really?!! The first sign of its kind in Mexico. At least that I’ve seen!


A bike lane! Oh, the joy!


Unfortunately, it quickly dead ends.


I spent nearly an entire day wondering the markets here. I’m on a mission to find a leather bound journal.


I love markets and buy all my produce here.


You can find anything here. And I do mean anything. Except for leather bound journals…


Baby Jesus in two different colors. Anything at all.


Stuffed animal feet slippers. They look quite comfortable.


Or maybe you want a real animal. Choices are endless.


Need to use the bathroom? Just insert your coin and enter through the turn-style. There is another machine for TP….


I have been here in San luis Potosi for three nights. I only wanted to stay one but the impulse to remain in one place is often too strong to ignore. Even in a city I dislike.

San Luis Potosi feels spread out and hollow. I’m excited to be moving on.

Today, I head for Queretaro. It’s a 200km ride so I’ll arrive tomorrow afternoon. I made a friend there who I will hopefully be staying with. Then, it is on to Mexico City to meet up with Felix again. I’m really excited to be spending Christmas with him.






One thought on “Zacatecas to San Luis Potosi

  1. Still excited to read your adventures … Your photos are beautiful! …so glad to read you will be sharing Xmas with a friend … Hope it is the best ever … Continue on and be safe into the New Year !

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