La Paz at Last

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Down days pass so fast…


Reaching La Paz was an emotional experience. It marks the end of the road. Three long months and some 3,500 miles, I’ve only been on one damn road: Highway 1. I’ve ridden it’s entire length from Canada to the bottom of Baja California. And now it’s over. No more 1! I’ll have routes to plan and directions to follow. The trip gets interesting. I can’t wait!

La Paz is also the most significant milestone yet. The psychological halfway point and the end of the familiar. Baja is technically Mexico, but not really. It’s more of a lesson in survival along with an American playground. From off road adventures to fancy resorts, the American influence on Baja is unmistakable. Then again, what do I know. This is the furthest from the States that I’ve ever been.

Felix and I spent a few days in La Paz. We had time to kill waiting to check into our resort. I filled my time reading and walking through the city. I took advantage of a “real” stove and a rectangular, white machine that keeps food cold. We cooked stake and potatoes. We drank beer and met the backpackers. I even went for a run.

And then, we rode the ferry. Eighteen hours cramped inside a cabin. We had access the deck, where I even slept, but when your used to moving all day everyday, eighteen hours is eternity. The ferry did provide food. For dinner we had meat (chicken, pork, or beef), rice, and beans with tortillas. Breakfast was eggs, nachos with salsa, and beans with cheese (and, of course, tortillas). It too came with tortillas.

The worst part about the ride was carrying our gear up the steps. We should have just left it in the engine room with our bikes. Felix didn’t feel it wise. Carrying 50lbs up five flights of stairs so narrow that we barely fit; so steep we pulled on the metal rail with our arms; so hot we were drenched it sweat… so much wiser… Just kidding Fex!!!


Count down to La Paz!


Sleeping under bridges… What has life become?!!


Breakfast compost!



On the ride into La Paz, tarantulas were EVERYWHERE. We saw at least one dozen. In the lower picture, the damn thing started to chase me! They are bigger and faster than you’d think.


Seeing the city, I was overcome with emotion. Tingles of pleasure rising from my toes to my head, my eyes became moist. I was ecstatic. We rode beside each other and bumped fists. We threw our hands into the air; La Paz at last.



A fridge and a stove with two burners! Oh yea, we’re spoiled now.




In the hostel we met Josh and Cyp. They are both backpacking around Latin America. Such a different way to travel. I would much rather pedal than sit on a bus all day. I don’t know how you guys do it! Priscilla is the daughter of the owner and ran the “front desk.”


We really only had one mission here: find stove fuel. The treasure map turned out to be a good one.


It ended at this hardware store where I was able to buy alcohol for my stove. They also sell white gas here in 1 liter glass bottles for only 60 pesos.


It was NOT easy carrying all of our bags to the top of the ferry. It’s got to a hundred foot climb, maybe more. Too bad we couldn’t just ride up there…


They played movies. American movies all dubbed into Spanish. This is also where we slept. Like being on a bus, it was not comfortable. I gave up and went to the top deck to sleep on a bench under the stars.


Time to unload. Thankfully, they let us off first. We would wait hours otherwise.


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