Solace in a Sofa

The Peg House

Standish-Hickey SRA

2 miles north of Leggett, CA and an uncontrolled forest fire

Sometimes in life, the daily grind and monotony of routine wears a person down. New experiences loose their luster. Waking is all the energy one can muster. In these trying times, some find solace in their sofa, perhaps spending days reclined on pillows reading and napping. I do not have a sofa; though, I do have a camp mat. I do not have pillows. I have a sleeping bag and a bag of clothes.

Lethargy may have begun after waking to early in my driftwood fortress. Crazy clowns threatened me no longer. I enjoyed a peaceful slumber. Until 6am, that is, when a thick mist enveloped me like a blanket attempting to soak everything I own. I quickly packed – I have it down to ten minutes at this point – and selected the only available option. I pedaled ever onward.

Maybe the flash and mirror slap of a dslr camera startling me from sleep shortly after 6am the next morning is responsible for my fatigue. I planned to sleep in a ditch along the road somewhere the previous night. Until I met Frank and Sheila. They are touring the coast as well and arranged for a Warm Showers host for the night. They put me in contact with Mark who kindly allowed me to stay as well. Upon arrival, we were warmly greeted by Mark and another cyclist, Justin. Mark met Justin at Safeway and brought him home too. Mark was an excellent and well practiced host immediately caring for all of our needs: bathroom, shower, water, and food. In the morning he provided coffee and even croissants. Thanks Mark! -I was only kidding about the camera flash 🙂

From right to left: Frank and Sheila, Justin, Yours Truly, and Mark our fabulous mountain biking host.

I camped in Humboldt Redwoods State Park amongst trees that could have existed during the rise of Christianity. Could the sense of wonder and amazement at such ancient beings have induced my stupor? Riding the Avenue of the Giants on a bicycle was, for lack of being a poet or painter, incredible. My words cannot describe the beauty and scale of riding through these wonders. Here, I also made new friends. Erin and Margo began their tours solo in the pacific northwest but joined forces a week into their trip. They are riding to San Fransisco. Sean began riding in Vancouver, Canada. He is returning to Los Angeles, CA where he embarks on a voyage to Europe. Bon Voyage Sean! Margo, have fun in Grad School. And Erin, I wish you well in whatever endeavor life throws your way. Best of luck to all of you.

I am sure that straining my back reading – go figure – did not help my situation. Taking a break along the road, I stopped at a picnic table. I ate lunch and laid on my stomach on the seat of the table. My book, Undaunted Courage, is engrossing and protests from my back went unnoticed. An hour later, I was hardly able to sit up. Riding the bike was next to impossible. Luckily, a campsite was close. I’ve been here two nights and am staying one more. My only exertion was the walk to the swimming hole at the invitation of Erin and Margo yesterday afternoon. There we laid in the sand and swam in the refreshingly cool, clear water. The sun evened out our tan-lines.

Erin, Sean, Margo, Sheila, and Frank at The Peg House across from the campground.
Erin, Sean, Margo, Sheila, and Frank at The Peg House across from the campground.

Or perhaps, traveling nonstop for over a month through two states (and into a third) covering some 1,500 miles on a bicycle tired me out a little. Whatever the case, two-and-a-half days of lounging on my makeshift couch was the remedy I required. Tomorrow, I will wake ready to tackle an uncontrolled forest fire raging a few miles south of my location. Reports of thick smoke challenge my resolve to ride. Others talk of hitching through. In a few days, I will arrive in San Fransisco and cross the Golden Gate Bridge. Having finally rested, I long for the luster of new adventure. Forest fires be damned!

Warning of the forest fire to come...
Warning of the forest fire to come…


Erin and Margo on The Avenue of the Giants
Erin and Margo on The Avenue of the Giants
Tree Hugger!
Tree Hugger!
Oh, the comfort of my camp-mat couch!
Oh, the comfort of my camp-mat couch!

5 thoughts on “Solace in a Sofa

  1. Sorry I did such a terrible job negotiating our Port Angles campground… I’ve since gotten much better and saved many pesos haggling in Mexico.

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